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Lymphatic Phlegm - Putrescent Stiffs And Pungent Whiffs

EP (Vinyl) 2012
Style: Gore Grind
Country: Brazil
Time: 09:59min.
Size: 33,6Mb
Label: Black Hole Productions
Format: mp3@CBR320kbps
Pass: mondogrind
More Albums: Here
Download .rar

1. Exacerbation (The Abrupt Worsening Of Pre-Existing Symptoms)
2. Warning : The Cadavers will be Received into and released from the Mortuary room by Lymphatic Phlegm's personnel only (not pathology residents)
3. Blown to Pieces (Mortician cover)
4. Behind the Sternum are the Putrescent Gifts Enshrouded in Necrotic Remains
5. Autopsy Procedure Handbook - x.8: (pad) Provisional Anatomical Diagnosis
6. Forensics (Science of Death - The Morbid Eulogy of Pathologist) (Outro)


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