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I Shit On Your Face

Country of origin: Brazil
Location: N/A
Status: Active
Year of creation: 2002
Genre: Porno Gore Grind
Lyrical themes: Porn, Gore, Aberrations
Current label: Despise the Sun
Official WebSite: MySpace

Doctor Pig : Vocals
Alex Bowels : Vocals, Guitar
Gut the Gross :Vocals, Bass
Phil Phaeces : Drums

Uncontrolled Laxative Abuse (Split - 2003)      
Anal Barbeque (CD - 2005)    
Gory Gruesome / I Shit On Your Face (Split - 2005)      
Vulnus / I Shit On Your Face (Split - 2006)      
Goreism - International 5-Way Gore-Grind Scrumage (Split - 2007)      
I Shit On Your Face / Wounded By Life (Split - 2007)
XXX Maniak / I Shit On Your Face (Split - 2007)      
Lymphatic Phlegm / I Shit On Your Face (Split - 2008)
Foetopsy / I Shit on Your Face (Split - 2009)


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