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Ultimo Mondo Cannibale

''Ultimo mondo cannibale'' (1977; English: ''Last Cannibal World'', also known as ''Jungle Holocaust'') is an Italian exploitation film directed by Ruggero Deodato.

Country of origin: Italy
Location: Aprilia (Latina)/Genzano di Roma (Rome), Lazio
Status: Active
Year of creation: 2005
Genre: Porno Gore Grind
Lyrical themes: Cannibalism, Splatter, Porno
Current label: Rotten Roll Rex
Official WebSite: MySpace

Francesco A.: Guitars
Vito: Vocals, Bass
CristiANUS: Drums

Promo Pio 2005 (Demo - 2005)      
Ménage à Trois (Split - 2006)      
Pornokult (CD - 2008)
Mixomatosis / Ultimo Mondo Cannibale (Split - 2009)
Compost / Ultimo Mondo Cannibale (Split - 2009)      
Facial Abuse / Ultimo Mondo Cannibale (Split - 2010)      
Drink My Milk (CD - 2011)    
Ultimo Mondo Cannibale / Teen Pussy Fuckers (Split - 2011)


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