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The band was founded in 1989 under the name Casket, but their name was later changed to Mortician after writing their first song, "Mortician"
The band has an obsession with horror and sci-fi movies, which is where their main influences comes from lyric wise. In every album, they use stock sample footage from movies on almost every track, in the vein of Impetigo.

Country of origin:United States
Location: Yonkers, New York
           Long Pond, Pennsylvania
Status: Active
Year of creation: 1989
Genre: Brutal Death Metal
Lyrical themes: Horror Movies, Gore
Current label: Redrum Records
Official WebSite: Web | MySpace

Roger J. Beaujard : Guitar, Programming
Ron Kachnic : Guitar  (live member)
Sam Inzerra : Drums  (live member)
Will Rahmer : Vocals, Bass

Rehearsal 12/14/89 (Demo - 1989)
Demo #1 (Demo - 1990)
Brutally Mutilated (EP - 1991)
Mortal Massacre (EP - 1992)
Mortal Massacre (Compilation - 1993)
House by the Cemetery (EP - 1995)
Hacked Up for Barbecue (CD - 1996)
Zombie Apocalypse (MCD - 1998)
Chainsaw Dismemberment (CD - 1999)
Domain of Death (CD - 2001)
Final Bloodbath Sessions (Compilation - 2002)
Darkest Day of Horror (CD - 2003)
Living Dead (Split - 2004)
Zombie Massacre Live! (Live - 2004)
Re-Animated Dead Flesh (CD - 2004)
Relapse Singles Series Vol. 5 (Split - 2005)
Yonkers Death - Unreleased Death Metal Comp from 1991 (Split - 2007)

Home Videos Volume I (Video/VHS - 1999) 


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