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Suffocation are widely considered major innovators of death metal; they had a massive influence on the genre and pioneered a balance between brutal and technical sounds commonly heard in modern death metal.

The band split up after "Despise The Sun" and reformed in 2002 with some line-up changes. Doug Cerrito was asked to join when the band reformed, but apparently he wasn't interested.

Country of origin: United States
Location: Centereach, New York
Status: Active
Year of creation: 1988
Genre: Brutal Technical Death Metal
Lyrical themes: Death, Religion, Mankind, Society
Current label: Nuclear Blast
Official WebSite: Web | MySpace

Dave Culross : Drums
Derek Boyer : Bass
Frank Mullen : Vocals
Terrance Hobbs : Guitar
Guy Marchais : Guitar

Reincremation (Demo - 1990)
Human Waste (EP - 1991)
Effigy of the Forgotten (LP - 1991)
Breeding the Spawn (CD - 1993)
Live Death (Split - 1994)
Pierced from Within (CD - 1995)
Despise The Sun (EP - 1998)
Crucifix & Pyrexia & Suffocation (Split - 2002)
Souls to Deny (CD - 2004)
Live in Quebec - The Close of a Chapter (Live - 2005)
Suffocation (CD - 2006)
The Best of Suffocation (Compilation - 2008)
Blood Oath (CD - 2009)


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