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DPOS!!! is short for Disgusting Piece of Shit!!!.
DPOS!!! started playing pure goregrind on their first demo, but the music became more death metal-oriented goregrind on their first full-length.
Grenstam (Life Illusion, Prosecutor) was a one-time session drummer for the band.

Country of origin: Sweden
Location: Malmö
Status: Active
Year of creation: 2007
Genre: Goregrind
Lyrical themes: Sick Perversions, Gore,
              Coprophagia, Murder, Rape
Current label: Goregeous Productions
Official WebSite: MySpace

Steve: Guitars, Vocals, Drum programming
Padde Holmgren: Vocals, Drum programming

Devourment Ain’t Brutal Enough (Demo - 2008)
30 Beautiful Pieces By Ludwig Van Beethoven (CD - 2009)
Straight Outta Handicap Shithouse (CD - 2010)


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