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Cannibe - The Mind Is Collapsed

Full-Lenght (CD) 2012
Style: Death/Gore Grind
Country: Italy
Time: 32:31min.
Size: 92,4Mb
Label: Goressimo Records
Format: mp3@CBR320kbps
Pass: mondogrind
More Albums: Here

01. Intro
02. The Butcher’s Theatre
03. Acneiform Eruptions
04. Mongoloid Incest
05. Bilewash
06. Morbid Orgasm Through Decapitation
07. Coprolagna
08. Malignant Procedures For Cadaverous Mastication (Part I)
09. Intro
10. Married With Ted Bundy
11. Si Te Gusta El Gore Grind Entonces Te Gusta El Mexico!
12. Rats In Your Gut
13. Necrodisgorgement Of Purulence
14. Clean Off (Tumour Cover)
15. Gagged (Tumour Cover)
16. A Driller Is The Best Way To Fuck Your Cunt
17. Spastic Craniums Collection
18. Segau In Dusu Cun Sa Serra A Manu
19. Rotten Flesh Is Better For Digestion
20. 99,9% Of Alcohol In The Blood
21. I Killed Your Boyfrind With A Crowbar
22. Vomiting In My Toilet
23. Intro
24. Malignant Procedures For Cadaverous Mastication (Part II)
25. Neurologic Abnormalities In Murderers
26. Diseases Of The Lower Intestines & Anus
27. Laughing Torso
28. Neuropsychiatry Of Frontal Lobe Dysfunctions
29. Atrophodermia Vemiculata
30. Fecal Atrocity Into A Coffin
31. Rectal Exorcism With Vaseline
32. Cadaveric Menstrual Haemorrhage
33. Eating Your Flesh With A Bottle Of Chianti
34. Sadomasochism & Coprophagia
35. You Have A Fistula In Mouth
36. Masturbation Is A Crime Only If You Don’t Cum On Cadavers
37. Removing Parasssites From Your Infected Anus
38. Parasitic Infestations, Strings, Related & Bites
39. International Traffic Of Human Meat
40. Quartered In Four Seconds
41. Nechroclesis
42. Albert Fish
43. Disseminated Lupus Erythematosus
44. Outro


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