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Anus Tumor - Beauty Surgeon Accidents

Demo (Cassette) 2004
Style: Cyber Gore Grind
Country: Germany
Time: --min.
Size: 22,2Mb
Label: SKP
Format: mp3@CBR192kbps
Pass: mondogrind
More Albums: Here
Download .rar

1. Bitchfinder General
2. Eitrige Infektion Durch Rostige Nägel Im Darmtrakt
3. Sexact with Grotesque Dismemberments
4. The Morbid
5. Kadaverland
6. Two Pieces of Humanshit
7. Limbless Lolita
8. Crackslave (Meat Shits)
9. Bleed to Death (Without Your Genitals)
10. Trend Gothic Faggots Shredding Schranz


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