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Corpsefucking Art - Splatter Deluxe

Full-Lenght (CD) 2003
Style: Brutal Death Metal
Country: Italy
Time: 27:58min.
Size: 38,8Mb
Label: Forever Underground Records
Format: mp3@CBR192kbps
Pass: mondogrind
More Albums: Here

1. The Freezer's Monster
2. Necromantic
3. Splatter Deluxe
4. Pet(ting) Sematary
5. Robocorpse
6. Gore Mon Amour
7. Suck My Corpse
8. Dawson's Crypt
9. Corpsex II (The New Menu)
10. All You Need Is Gore
11. Four on a Meathook
12. Oblivious to Evil (Deicide Cover)
13. Demented
14. Pig Pong


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