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The Green Slime Are Coming!

Split (CD) 2010
Style: Porno Gore Grind
Country: Germany | Germany
Time: --min.
Size: 165Mb
Label: Rotten Roll Rex
Format: mp3@CBR320kbps
Pass: Mondogrind
More Albums: GutSROM
Download .rar

1. Masked Muffdivers
2. G.I.A. Paloma
3. Bangbrothers Unlimited
4. Brandi Lyons
5. Goo-Flash Overdose
6. For Those About To Suck (Feat. Willy Idol)
7. Undefeated Champs

Taken from the "Girls On Acid E.P."8. The Nympho Is A Gee
9. Brown Wings Of Destiny
10. Girls On Acid
11. My Goat Gets A Cold

Taken from the "Gigolo Warfare E.P."12. Pump Da Cum
13. Taryn Thomas Polka
14. Crack Cleaner
15. Fisted On The Dancefloor

Satan's Revenge On Mankind:
16. Forewarning
17. Satanic Supergasm
18. Go Guts?
19. Straight Flesh
20. Dirty Mrs. Sanchez
21. Another Fukk Song
22. Kingdom Ov The Rotten


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