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Gore Grind Thrash Attack Live

Live at the Arthouse (Melbourne) 2006
Artist: Fuck...I'm Dead
Genre: Death/Grind
Country: Australia
Label: No Escape Records
Format: Avi. 416x304
Lenght: 39Min.
Size: 199Mb
Pass: Mondogrind

"Twist of Death"
"Anal Abattoir"
"Barefoot and Shitfaced"
"Cliteral Damage"
"Colon Commando"
"Ruthless Aggression"
"Force-Fed Brutality"
"Waft of Stench"
"Bury the Cunt in Shit"
"Cave in Your Cranial Cavity"
"Little Licky Webster"
"Burnt to an Absolute Crisp"
"Shop Front Whore"
"Inject Me With AIDS"
"Toilet Tantalizers"
"Jeffrey Dahmer's Children's Cookbook"
"Slowly Raped With a Chainsaw"
"Shotgun Face Lift"
"Delicious Dolop"
"Spray Me With Fecal Matter"
"A Fraction Off Death"
"Army of Hermaphrodites"
"Fuck...I'm Dead"


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